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2000 show - Bond St
2005 show - Norfolk
2006 show - Notting Hill
2013 show - Kensington
2017 show - Mayfair
Wye Valley, recent
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There are seven sections here: an archive of watercolours from early exhibitions and then five selections from more recent one-man shows I’ve had: at Thomas Williams Fine Art, Bond St in 2000; the Saltwater Gallery, Burnham Market, Norfolk in 2005; Gallery 37, Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill in 2006; at the Charles Daggett Gallery, Kensington Church St in 2013; and then a joint show with the landscape and portrait painter Katie James at Shepherd’s Market in 2017. A final page shows recent work in oils, painted in the Wye Valley,  where I now live.

The subjects of each show reflect where I was travelling (or working) at the time. The 2000 exhibition largely features landscapes from Italy and the Outer Hebrides, where I took time off to paint the fast-moving clouds and astonishing turquoise seas while writing Castaway (see Books).
In 2005 landscape photographer Harry Cory-Wright invited me to show at his gallery in Burnham Market, Norfolk with the brief that I should paint exclusively in the local landscape. For this purpose I stayed on a boat out on the marsh in Burnham Deepdale, waking in the early summer dawn around 3 am, sleeping for part of the day, then continuing on into the late sunset around 9 or 10 pm. The show mixed the resulting paintings with Harry’s stunning images of the same part of the world. Seeing the contrast, I very nearly gave it all up to become a photographer, but was reassured when Harry told me that he had started taking watercolour lessons. We both share the same fascination for trying to capture what’s out there in Nature; but Harry’s technology is undoubtedly more advanced.

The 2006 show was a collection of work from trips all over the world, from Australia to the South of France. A year or so after that my first child was born, which may explain the increase in early morning studies in my 2013 show at the Daggett Gallery in Kensington. This collection features images from trips to Georgia, Italy and Spain, as well as gentler, domestic landscapes from around my mother-in-law’s pub in the Wye Valley.
The last exhibition group shows images from a joint show I had with the landscape and portrait painter Katie James at 54 the gallery in Shepherd’s Market, London W1 in 2018.

Shortly after that, we moved as a family to the Wye Valley, where, in the studio in an outbuilding beside our house, I have returned to painting oils, as I did when I first started, many of flowers found in our garden and in the surrounding woods and meadows.

The pictures from the exhibitions are mainly sold, but if you are interested in buying one of the more recent oils, please contact me by email through the Contact Mark page. My watercolours start at £150 for the smallest A6 size and go up to around £500-600 for the largest A3 size. Oils start at £300.

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