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SOMEBODY SOMEDAY (2001) - buy this title from

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My third authorised book in a row - what's going on? But when my agent calls I can't resist the idea of going on tour with the biggest British pop star of the moment. Discount the fact that I'm fifteen years older than him and have virtually no knowledge of pop music after two-tone. This is going to be fascinating.

It was too, even though at times I felt like a superannuated version of Cameron Crowe in Almost Famous. I had little concept of the massive entourage that follows a popstar of Robbie's calibre around, nor of the bizarre and entertaining way that travelling family operates. Fortunately both band and crew gave me the benefit of the doubt and made me welcome in dressing rooms and on tour buses. And my 'fresh eye', though it made for the odd embarrassing pop howler (thinking that Guy Chambers had once played in a band called Wild Party, for example), proved a useful attribute.

Legendary Tour Manager Franksy
As the book reveals, Robbie is a much more complex character than the 'cheeky chappy' superlad of tabloid myth. He suffers from bouts of acute introspection and insecurity, though anyone who knows his lyrics would understand this and it is undoubtedly the powerful expression of his self-doubt and personal pain that makes him so popular with his fans.

This tour was made all the more interesting by the fact that Robbie announced at the start his intention to leave drink and drugs behind forever. His attempt to stay clean while performing was the personal challenge that became the story of the book. Helped by manager and mentor David Enthoven (himself an ex-addict) he succeeded, though not without some testing moments along the way - most notably when he was pushed off stage by a crazed non-fan during a gig in Stuttgart.

Though promoted in the press as an 'autobiography', this book isn't that. It's an account of a tour, and how Robbie was on that tour. Those looking for Victoria Beckham style insights into Robbie's childhood, parents, upbringing, relationship with Take That etc are not going to find them here. Instead you have the equivalent of the laminated backstage pass that legendary tour manager Andy 'Franksy' Franks handed me on Day One at the Docklands London Arena. SERMON ON THE MOUNT TOUR it read. And beneath that, in suitably biblical script, THOU SHALT PASS...

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