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SOMEBODY SOMEDAY (2001) - Reviews

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'if it's an inside track on Robbie you're after, this is it ... Somebody Someday is a welcome step up from the usual celebrity tat. David Beckham tried to do it with My World, but while his book looked pretty, it had nothing to say. You'll find plenty to chew on here.'

'well-written and informative diary of the tour as well as an honest and open account of his life and aspirations'

'this is Robbie away from the media glare and confiding as he never has before a snapshot of the real Robbie at this point in his life, it's fascinatingly candid.'

'A read supreme ...contains plenty of wonderfully frank Thoughts Of Chairman Rob on such matters as his multiple addictions, his sexuality and his scary fans. Like the man himself - a good-looking, sexy, funny book.'

'a brill new Robbie Williams book that takes the reader into the heart of the Robster's life ... opens the door to what Robbie gets up to on tour, his mood swings, pre-show panics, everything ... one of the best reads of the year'

'Robbie fans would buy this whatever the quality, but it's a genuinely well-written and enjoyable journey through a few whirlwind months of a true star'

'the book's a good reflection of the man himself, good-looking and entertaining, but maybe more slickly stage-managed than they'd have you believe'
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