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My two whodunnits, published last year by Severn House, are now available in the UK and US as hardbacks, for order in bookshops and also of course on Amazon.

The Festival Murders (originally published under the title Fest) is set at the literary festival of Mold-on-Wold, which is clearly based on nowhere in particular. A charming but unpleasant critic, Bryce Peabody, is found dead in his hotel room, and suspicion quickly falls on writers he has insulted over the years, though whether they are to blame or his death has more to do with his complicated private life remains to be seen ...

Here are some of the nice things the critics said about The Festival Murders:

'A marvellous set of unsavoury suspects ... good nasty fun with a ring of truth' MAIL ON SUNDAY (the book was THRILLER OF THE WEEK)

'A wicked send-up of literary festivals ... a crime novel with a cute concept' INDEPENDENT

'Raunchy goings-on at fictional festival Mold-on-Wold ... a rollocking read' LONDON EVENING STANDARD

'And don't miss Fest ... an old-fashioned murder mystery with ... neatly disguised clues ... and a satisfyingly unexpected culprit' LITERARY REVIEW

'A very engaging literary romp' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

'This has been quite the year for thinly disguised literary romans-a-clef, with Mark McCrum's novel causing gossip in literary circles' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

The book was also chosen for the Independent on Sunday's 'Alternative Booker Longlist'

The second in the series, Cruising to Murder, takes my crime writer turned amateur detective Francis Meadowes to join a luxury cruise off West Africa, where after one passenger has died in her cabin, and another has apparently jumped overboard, Francis finds himself getting involved in the Captain's investigation into the deaths. Though a classic whodunnit, the book also touches on the serious ongoing issue of 'persons overboard' and the failure of cruise lines and flag states to action adequate investigations after these tragic events.

Of this follow-up, the critics wrote:

'An intriguing, gentle mystery ... with the inevitable eclectic mix of characters - none of whom would be out of place in an Agatha Christie tale - it has a charm and wit that the mistress of crime herself might admire' DAILY MAIL

'A beautifully judged homage to the golden-age detective novel - and an enjoyable travelogue to boot' MAIL ON SUNDAY

'McCrum captures the claustrophobia and subtle tensions of the enforced socialising between very rich (and not always very pleasant) passengers brilliantly ...The twists and turns of his plotting will satisfy the most exacting aficionado of this genre and the denouement is enjoyably unexpected' EROTIC REVIEW

'Traditionalists will love this book' LITERARY REVIEW

'In Francis Meadowes, McCrum has a likeable and smart series lead. A good choice for traditional-mystery fans' BOOKLIST

There are other nice reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Next September, I'll be back at Villa Pia in the mountains of Umbria for another enjoyable week of teaching. This is a truly delightful spot, with wonderful food. The writers gather with me most mornings for stimulating exercises on anything from dialogue to structure.

All my other titles are available on Amazon, for as little as 0.01p in some cases.

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